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Knitting Machine Sponge Bar

Knitting Machine Sponge Bar. All sizes are one price. Commonly called needle retainer or compression bar. This item supplies back up pressure for needles to hold them in place while allowing needle movement. They eventually lose their elasticity and strength as the foam rubber decomposes and collapses. They should be examined and replaced whenever the foam rubber loses 1/2 its original height (typically3-5 years. If your machine starts dropping a stitch or the carriage jams, you may need a new sponge bar. When ordering, please be sure to include your machine name & model number - it does cut down on errors. If you are not sure of your selection, please call or E-mail us before you order. Knitting Machine Parts & Accessories, Needle Retainer Bar, Sponge Bar, Knitting Machine Parts,Studio Sponge Bars, Brother Sponge Bars, KintKing Sponge Bars, Empisal Sponge Bars, Toyota Sponge Bars, Sponge Bars with Metal Back, LK150 Sponge Bars, LK100 Sponge Bars, LK140 Sponge Bars, Brohter KX350 Sponge Bars.
Also available is a "sponge only".  "Sponge Only" bars are often used for rebuilding your own sponge bar when a sponge bar for your machine is no longer being manufactured. These Sponge are 39" long which is long enough for a standard gauge knitting machine. Included are instructions for rebuilding your own sponge bar. These sponges are NOT made from craft store or insulation foam but are manufactured specifically for knitting machines. They are made of a special long lasting Hi-Density foam that has a fabric covering to make it last. If your machine is not listed, please Email us as it was probably just an error of omission.
  • Toyota knitting machines use a special design sponge bar for machines that use extension rails. If you use extension rails with your Toyota machine, you will need to rebuild your old sponge bar. None are available that will allow use of extension rails.

  • Some knitting machine sponge bars are no longer made - those include Brother KH-120, Bulky 8 and Studio/Singer SK8 and SR-20 ribber sponge bar. Some ribbers were originally sold with a solid plastic bar - we do not supply solid plastic bars as they are no longer manufactured. A regular sponge bar works fine in its place and will be substituted for the original plastic bar. This type of sponge bar is required anyway when knitting lace or using thin yarn such as 2 ply (2/28 or 2/30) as the plastic bar does not work well for lace or thin yarn.

  • It is important not to use craft foam or door/window insulating foam as they do not have a good fabric cover and the sponge deteriorates quickly and can make your knitting machine hard to operate. 
 Please select your model from the list. 

Free installation instructions included with each order. Special discount to knitting groups or clubs on 10 or more sponge bars! Call for info.

Knitting Machine Sponge Bar
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USA SALES ONLY - postal size limitations apply to Alaska, Hawaii and most locations outside the continental USA.