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Yarn Craft Christmas Stockings, knitted Christmas stocking kits, handknit Christmas stockings

Yarn Craft Christmas Stockings, Knit Christmas Stocking kits, Handknit Christmas Stockings
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Bear with Candy Cane - Y192 (aka Sam)
Candle - Y125 (aka Ann)
Christmas Cat - Y196
Deer - Y195 (aka Stella)
Doll - Y145 (aka Verna)
Drum - Y129 (aka Lee)
Elf - Y143 (aka Dean)
Frosty the Snowman - Y144 (aka Dad)
Gingerbread Man - Y135 (aka Adam)
Golf - Y157
Jack In The box - Y154 (aka Davis)
Mr Santa - Y140 (aka Mike)
Mrs Santa - Y141 (aka Rita)
Penguin - Y193 (Pete)
Reindeer - Y134 (aka Pat)
Rudolph - Y139 (aka Stacey)
Santa - Y118 (Katie)
Santa Bear - Y142 (aka Sparky)
Santa Face - Y 124 (aka Susan)
Sleigh - Y146 (aka Jill)
Snowshoer - Y194 (Liz)
Soldier Boy - Y137 (aka Jason)
Star - Y156 (aka Taylor)
Teddy Bear in Sock - Y123 (Amy)
Train - Y 147 (aka Sam)
Tree - Y117 (Kris)
Wreath - Y119 (aka Mom)
Fuzzy Face Santa 0030-B - Santa Face w/White Fuzzy Beard & Hair - Green Background
Christmas Goose - Y133 (aka Holly)
Yarn Craft Christmas Stockings. Christmas Stocking Kits made in the USA by Yarn Craft are great for that small pre-Christmas gift. Makes stocking 18" x 6" w/ instructions. Contains everything you need to make a great gift stocking except the needles. Uses needle sizes US size 6 and US size 8.  Select style at arrow to view photo and price of each design!  Click “Add To Shopping Cart” to order.  

Available kits are:

  • Tree (Y117) - Decorated Green tree - Red background (*)
  • Santa (Y118) - Red Suited Santa w/presents - Green background.(*)
  • Teddy Bear (Y123) Teddy Bear in sock. Red background (*)
  • Santa Face (Y124 ) - Santa Face w/beard & hair - Green Background (*)
  • White Candle (Y125)- White candle in black holder w/holly leaves/berries. Red flame w/gold metallic - Green background.
  • Drum (Y129) - Royal blue,green and gold drum trimmed w/gold metallic. Drumsticks are Brown - Red background. (*)
  • White Goose (Y133) - White Goose w/holly wreath and red bow on neck - Red background (*)
  • Reindeer (Y134) Brown Reindeer w/tubular candy cane knit separately and put through mouth separately - Red background(*)
  • Gingerbread Man (Y135) - Brown gingerbread man holding a candy cane in one hand and small decorated tree in the other - Red Background.(*)
  • Soldier Boy (Y137) - Soldier has Blue pants w/Red jacket and hat, trimmed in gold - White background.
  • Angel (Y138) - Angel has two tone blue dress on a brown haired angel - halo is trimmed with gold cord - also gold cord trim on dress - on red background.
  • Rudolph (Y139) - Full bodied Brown reindeer w/Red pom-pom nose - Red Background.(*)
  • Mr Santa (Y140) Mr Santa - Santa Claus w/toy bag - gold metallic buckle, large pom-pom on cap - Green Background.(*)
  • Mrs Santa (Y141) - Mrs to match Mr - Gold buttons & buckle - white pom-pom on cap - Green background.(*)
  • Santa Bear (Y142) (*) - Brown Teddy Bear w/Red & White Santa Hat w/white pom pom on cap on Green background.
  • Elf (Y143) - Christmas Elf holding Royal Blue & metallic gold ornament - dressed in Red & Green.(*)
  • Snowman, Frosty - (Y144) - Fat White Snowman w Black hat, Red scarf at neck, holding broom - Green background.(*)
  • Doll - Y145 - Doll dressed in glue an dwhite with packages below on red background. (*)
  • Sleigh - Y146 - Blue sleigh filled with toys and tree on red background. (*)
  • Train (Y147) Royal Blue and Green train engine w/boy in window w/wrapped packages - red background.(*)
  • Shepard (Y148) -Shepherd in Blue w staff, lamb and star in sky - Red background.
  • Jack in the Box (Y154) Bright colors with Red background.(*)
  • Star (Y156) Bright colored star - Green background. (*)
  • Golf (Y157) Golf motifs - flag, golf club and ball on tee - Green background.(*)
  • Bear (Y192) - Dark Brown bear w/red bow tie, red buttons, holding candy cane - White background. Heel & toe are Green.(*)
  • Snowshoer (Y194) - Snowshoer in Black pants with Blue shirt, Red stocking cap & mitterns. Brown Snowshoes - on Green background with White heel & toe.
  • Penguin (Y193) - Black & White Penguin with Red shoes, belt & hat, Black pom-poms, Purple packages with Gold bows. Heel and toe are Green.
  • Deer (Y195) - Brown deer w/Red noses & collars, White background. Snowflakes are Blue, heel & toe are Green. (*)
  • Christmas Cat (Y196) - Black Cat w/Red Hat, Gold Scarf on White Background.
  • Angel (Y198) - Blue Dressed Angel w/Gold Cross, Red Background. 
  • Fuzzy Face Santa 0030-B - Santa Face w/White Fuzzy Beard & Hair - Green Background (*)

Please allow 5-7 days for arrival of kit. Due to their copyright pattern content, kits are not returnable for credit or refund.