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Beautiful - Dark Horse Yarn

Beautiful - Dark Horse Yarn
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A101 Salt & Pepper
A102 Bright Jewels - Reds, Yellows, Blues w/Gold
A103 Autumn Leaves (Multi Browns)
A104 Orange Spice
A105 Bouganvila (New)
A107 Midnight Gold - Black w/Gold Thread
A106 Mardi Gras - Reds, Pinks, Lavenders w/Gold
A109 Circus (New) - Multi Colors w/Gold
B101 Confetti - Multi Reds, Yellows, Blues w/ Gold
B102-A Cotton Candy (New) - Soft Pink w/Gold
B102-B Pink Peonies - Mid Pink w/Gold
B103 Valentines Day
B104 Night Sky - Black & White w/Silver
B105 Fall Fantasy (New)
B106 Spring Green
B108 Blueberry
B110 Lilac (new)
B111 Ocean
B114 Purple Fantasy
B115 - Seashells (New)
B119 Ruby Red
C101 Snow White
S101 Black & Gold
S103 Bayside (New)
Beautiful - Dark Horse Yarn . A gorgeous Ladder Yarn for accenting fashion clothing. Very popular for crafting jewelery. If you are into making and/or selling Earring or Necklace jewelry this is a MUST HAVE!!!
Sold in 50 gram balls. Approximately 147 yards per ball. This is one fantastic yarn! The photos do not do it justice.

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 IMPORTANT - We do have all the NEW colors available - most all of them in stock in unlimited quantities.

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