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Punchcards - Machine

Punchcards - Blank and Prepunched for machine knitting.  Fit Studio, Brother and Toyota knitting machines.  All prepunched cards were professionally made.  Punchcards are for 24 stitch (or 12 stitch) patterns unless otherwise indicated.  Please select and order by punchcard or pattern number. Sorry, we have only limited quantities of pre-punched cards.
    • Pattern numbers 251, 255, 259, and 262 are specifically for Bulky machine knitting
    • Toyota model 787 used a special width punchcard - regular punch cards will not fit them. Sorry, we only have 2 sets of prepunched cards for the Toyota 787 left at this writing (not the original sets, but these sets were sold as optional accessories for the KS787 and have other designs in them).
    • Studio Owners - please note - When Knitting narrow trims, one must be especially careful to use a long enough stroke. The edge of the carriage must pass the pattern panel (not just the touch levers) on every stroke in order to memorize the pattern.

    • Isolated Patterns - Studio 332-326 - follow instructions in manual. Studio 321 - Use pattern isolater
    • Brother Knitters  - The first row is card row number 3 --- Studio  Knitters - The first row is card row number 1
Delivery approx 3-7 days and depends on your location. Export shipments require longer delivery times. 

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